NordVPN review


Nord VPN is a VPN (What is VPN?) supplier with a world-wide existence and a well recognized VPN service. The VPN service provider believes in top quality customer attention and has designed its service so that new and old VPN users can use VPN readily.

Unique Selling Proposition

Nord VPN has a tremendously user friendly system that is easy and very uncomplicated to use. Nord VPN’s unique selling proposition is that it’s the best VPN for VPN users that are new.
I urge it Nord VPN to users who are new to VPN because the software is straightforward and doesn’t tangle the VPN user in configurations or any complex settings.

Nord VPN Pricing And Strategies

Nord VPN focuses on keeping it simple so that users can appreciate the VPN encounter with no complications or problems. That’s the reason Nord VPN offers one bundle that’s available in four pricing strategies so that you pay based on your limitations and can get the complete variety of Nord VPN services.

Easy - 1 month


The Simple Plan is the 1 month strategy. Nord VPN supplies plans’ 1 month subscription for EUR8.00 per month.
The Classic Plan is the 3 month strategy. Nord VPN supplies plans’ 3 month subscription for EUR16. What this means is you will be paying EUR5.30 per month.
The Standard Plan is the 6 month strategy. Nord VPN supplies its 6 month subscription for EUR30.00. This implies you’ll be paying no more than EUR5.00 per month.

The Greatest Offer Strategy is the 12 month strategy. Nord VPN supplies plans’ 12 month subscription for EUR48.00. If you compare the 12 month bundle to the 1month bundle, you’ll see by going to find the best Offer strategy that you simply save by as much as 50%.

NordVPN Servers

Nord VPN now has 18 servers spread out across 16 states.

It is also possible to get a hold of Static IPs although all servers supply Nord VPN users with Dynamic IPs. Nord VPN gives users for an added price Static IPs.
Talking of the servers of Nord VPN, do check out Nord VPN’s ‘VPN Server Status’ page. It gives users a glimpse at the server traffic load of Nord VPN. In this way you’ll be able to pick out the Nord VPN server that has the lightest user traffic load and is closest to you.

Speed Evaluation

Before joining Nord VPN, and I ran and recorded the following variants for speed:

Customer Support

During the development of this Nord VPN review, I found that Nord VPN offers five customer support alternatives. Every one of these is reachable readily and places new and present users in direct contact with Nord VPN support.

— E-Mail at support(at)
— Telephone 44 131 463 6666
— Support Ticket Form (Opinions, Suggestions, Fiscal Questions & Specialized Problems)
— Knowledge Base


The Nord VPN FAQ section should answer any basic questions you’ve got about Nord VPN and is fairly fundamental. All the questions in the FAQ section have been replied quite neatly and so I propose that you simply spend some time in that section for a fast preview of what Nord VPN is about, visit: .

E-Mail at support(at)

The Nord VPN support email address is the ideal way and log the positioning of the request at the exact same time. Even though newer support alternatives like LiveChat and the like are favored these days (because they’re quicker), the number of information you’ll be able to give (and get) from a VPN service provider.


Nord VPN is among the few firms that’s set its phone number on its web site on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Not many businesses do that and honestly I am a little surprised that Nord VPN decided to put its contact number up up like that. I’m sure it will not be dangerous, but I wouldn’t advocate VPN users to use this support choice (unless completely essential) because telephone lines aren’t consistently quite protected.

Support Ticket Form (Opinions, Suggestions, Fiscal Questions & Specialized Problems)
The support ticket attribute can be used through an easy type accessible on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Just fill out the simple small form with your fundamental details together with your message, idea or query and click ‘Send’. Nord VPN will respond on the email address you supply to your support ticket.

Knowledge Base

The Nord VPN Knowledge Base should be your first destination if you happen to be new to VPN. The Knowledge Base includes summaries on the principles of VPN use.
Payment Systems

Nord VPN takes the following four payment choices.
— Bitcoin
— PaySera/WebMoney
— PayPal


All Nord VPN subscriptions include a 3 day money-back guarantee. But Nord VPN follows an extremely practical strategy and saves you from all the problem by supplying a free trial (See ‘Free Trial’ Section) for users who want to examine the service before purchasing it.
Nord VPN users are ineligible for refunds if the service isn’t operating by any fault apart from that of Nord VPN’s or if they pay for their subscriptions via Bitcoin. So be sure you try it out before purchasing it.

Tutorials & Nord VPN Compatibility Supplied
This simple 2 minute video will lead you on the best way to setup, use and connect Nord VPN on your computer.

The Nord VPN Tutorials page gives an example of the outstanding compatibility Nord VPN’s supply. Nord VPN is supported on virtually each and every platform and various protocols are available for every platform, as it is possible to see.

Nord VPN provides L2TP and PPTP for Android users while Chrome OS users can profit from the PPTP protocol of Nord VPN. Nord VPN doesn’t supply any support for routers, but I wager it should not be all that hopeless to setup Nord VPN on a router, as it is possible to see.

Protocols And Encryption

Nord VPN offers three protocols, and all three come with high level encryption:
— PPTP comes with MPPE 128 encryption
Nord VPN asserts that certainly nothing is logged by it from any of its users.
Nord VPN offers a free 3 day trial for all users. Just e-mail at support(at) for your three day free trial and you’ll be supplied with login credentials for your own Nord VPN account. The account will survive for three days during which you’ll be able to take Nord VPN for a test drive.

Added Services

Nord VPN lets you use one account on up to two devices. Now I do not understand about you, but if you examine the glass half-complete, it essentially means that you get two accounts for the cost of one. Your partner and you can use the Nord VPN account at the exact same time.
Also Nord VPN supplies Tor around VPN services for users looking to experiment with less popular online security choices like the Tor network.

Free Proxies List: Nord VPN offers Free Proxies’ users it. The Free Proxies can be got by using the one of a kind free proxy list from the web site of Nord VPN.

It’s possible for you to pick out your free proxy based in your particular state, speed, interface and protocol speed. It is also possible to pick your anonymity amount when requesting for a list of proxies that are free.

Free Security Programs: All Nord VPN Free Security programs require no enrollment for use and are totally free. Nord VPN offers the following security products that are free:
A self-deleting encrypted message
A self-deleting encrypted chat session for up to 5 individuals
A free proxy tool that allows you to select state


The decision of this Nord VPN review, me overwhelmed with the effectiveness and efficacy of the services of Nord VPN. Nord VPN is an extremely recommended VPN service provider with a set of attributes that enable Nord VPN to qualify as an industry standard VPN.
True, the state and server count might not be as high as that which you’ll find with other important VPN service providers, Nord VPN makes for a rather tempting bundle thanks to ease of use.

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